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Pet Cremation Services

Pet Cremation Services at Family Animal Services

Although we wish our pets could live forever, there comes a time when we realize we have to let them go. We offer many ways for you to celebrate your pet and can help you choose what feels right for you.

Here at Family Animal Services, we want you to understand the different kinds of cremation options available. Whether you bring your pet directly to us or have us pick up from your home or veterinary clinic, you will need to decide what type of cremation is the right choice for you and your pet.

See below to better understand the process and what takes place.

Love Your Pets with Family Animal Services of Portland

Individual Cremation

When you choose this option, your pet is cremated individually and returned to you. For more information about the process in which we care for your animal, please view our frequently asked questions.

Viewing Cremation

This option is also an individual cremation and allows you to place your pet into the cremation chamber yourself and take your pet home the same day. Friends and family are welcome to join you.

Communal Cremation

If choosing a communal cremation, your pet is cremated alongside other pets. No cremains are returned to you. Instead, your companion’s cremains are spread locally on private land.

After Cremation

Our standard wood urn is provided for families taking their pet’s cremains home. If you prefer to choose your own urn, please click the link below. Feel free to call us for guidance. We have a variety of memorial products at Family Animal Services including additional urn options, jewelry and more.


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Standard Wood Urn at Family Animal Services of Portland

Our current standard urn. Wood colors may vary.