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Frequently Asked Questions

Cremation can feel strange to some who have not been through this before and we would like to help you understand as much as possible. Please read through the frequently asked questions below. Others may have had the same questions and concerns as you do.

How do I know my pet has not been misplaced?

It is extremely important to us to respect the loss of your pet. To ensure your pet is returned to you, all pets are issued a personal ID number along with a tag that has all of your pet’s information. Whether you have chosen an Individual Cremation, Viewed Cremation or a Communal Cremation, you can rest assured your pet is in good hands with our well-trained staff.

Do a lot of pet owners use cremation services?

Pet cremation is becoming more and more popular due to the constraints of urban living. Cremation is an affordable and respectful option to sustain the memory of your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions at Family Animal Services of portland

How is the cremation accomplished?

Your pet will be placed in the cremation chamber and through heat and evaporation, will be reduced to what we refer to as the “cremains”. 

Can my veterinarian help me with the cremation process?

Absolutely. Your vet has been a partner to you for the health and welfare of your pet and would be a likely resource in the event of your pet passing.

What if my pet dies at home and not at the veterinarian’s office?

We offer home pick-up service for your convenience. Please contact our office to get details and costs.